Anything is possible!

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Anything is possible!

One of the questions I regularly receive from Design and Technology Students is asking my advice on the suitability of their proposed Major Design Project.

Sometimes the ideas proposed are either going to need very expensive manufacturing equipment or processes which are not available to the average Design and Technology student or for that matter members of the general public.

It’s hard for me to advise a student via email or my mentoring group that the project is not going to be a “goer“. I do not wish to stand in the way of new innovation or new invention but I also do not wish to give false hope to a student which will result in a very hard development time during the year and possibly a project which does not attract a high mark.
Some things, however, good projects can be constructed from very unusual building materials.

Materials which even the supplier may have never intended to be used in a new way are often open to new use and extend the possibilities.

Having seen many Design and Technology Projects over the years, I am in a position to be able to advise students of viable “work a rounds” in many cases.

The same old story seems to emerge each year where students do not do enough research on possible materials, with the result that the Major Design Project works but could have been a whole lot better.

Many inventors are forced to use less then the best materials and recently I came across a satellite construction which was not made from mild steel. Its material?

Bamboo I hear you say! Steel materials were not available for the construction of this earth receiving station so engineers made a decision to construction the rotating dish from bamboo. A material which was available in vast quantitiesbamboo-satelite-receiver in the local area. So I guess anything is possible. Good luck with the selection of your materials for your project.

Now put your Design and Technology hat on and think about your Major Design Project asĀ  you can see almost anything is possible.




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