Board of Studies – New folio requirements for 2011 Design and Technology

December 9th, 2010 → 9:16 pm @

There has been an announcement made by the NSW Board of Studies relating to the maximum number of pages which will be allowed in 2011. For Design and Technology students in 2011 the maximum number of pages has been set at 85 pages.
Students in the past have presented folios which were considered excessive in the number of pages and content. Design and Technology students need to be able to say it in more precise terms and still get the message across to the HSC markers.
Remember your folio should be planned and not just “happen”. The HSC markers will always like to see a well thought out and carefully prepared documentation in the Design and Technology Folio.
Word 2010 has many new features which enhance the way in which you can layout your folio. Take time to experiment with Word until you find the layout and features which you believe will best represent your Major Design Project.
Vast improvements have been made to the way in which pictures can be presented in Word 2010 documents. Drop shadows and special editing features impart a more professional look to the pictures you include in the folio.

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