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I have again this year had a number of students enroll in the  Design and Technology Mentoring Programme. As always there are a large range of Good ideas being developed.

Each year there seems to be  common themes of questions, students ask about their Major Design Projects. As you can appreciate often the questions relate to where can I purchase a certain type of material and at the cheapest cost.

While I do extensively network with people, a good number of suppliers, trade links and try and keep up to date with technology, it is almost impossible to be able to cover every material a students seeks.

My advice is to look at product suppliers and start the process of researching the possible materials you will need for you Major Design Project. Its always a good idea to start to search early into your project for your materials, as it offers you the designer a better ability to get the whole design under way.

Some students have in the back of their minds that they will buy there materials in the distant  future, which in some cases never arrives. The project never reaches a conclusion!

Please ( Mentoring Students) check the sections you send to me for reading, as I often find large sections missing or tagged on the end of the last paragraph.  This then takes valuable time reediting the  text so that I can read it!

Good luck with your research.

Colin Christie

Design and Technology Teacher


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