Good luck in the HSC Design and Technology final Examination 2011

October 24th, 2011 → 11:13 am @

It’s been another busy year with the online Design and Technology Mentoring Program. It really keeps me very busy reading all those draft Folios at night and the large range of innovation being produced is truly wonderful.

I thank you for your patience as on some occasions due to family matters I have not been able to get a quick response back to for say 3 days.

Your responses have indicated that you have been happy with the help that I have provided and suggestions to improve your Major Design Project.

A common theme I have found in students is to try and design a project without having purchased all the parts they  intend using.

This usually results in a redesign or re manufacture of some parts wasting precious time. Time is something one has to guard!

This year the Design and Technology Examination is for once , late in the Timetable of the examinations giving students a little more study time.

Some examination strategies would be appropriate to mention at this point.

As always take your time to read the question carefully so that you do understand what is being asked

Always leave space between your answers in the examination booklet so that you can add any additional information.

Use your time wisely allowing about 1 minute for a mark ie, 15 marks allow 15 minutes to answer!

Do not leave early. use all the time that has been provided to check and double check your answers’

Some one has to read your script.I know its hard but do try and ensure that someone can read your hand writing.

Good luck in the examinations Australia.

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