Making Silicon Molds- Major Design Project

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Silicon Molds

Silicon Molds are often  necessary to produce a number of similar items for a Major Design Project.

One method of achieving this is by manufacturing a silicon mold and casting the items using the mold. Lets  say we are going to produce a chess set for your Major Design Project but with a twist!.

You may chose to design something different . After extensive research of molding, and associated ideas  you have an idea to substitute car parts for  chess pieces .For example a Silicon Mold of a “car piston” may be made to represent the “knight”. A “hub cap” mold may represent a “Bishop”.

Firstly, make sure the positive mold is correct in it’s detail as any error will be reproduced in everyone of your moldings. The directions which are supplied with the silicon molding should be carefully read as good ventilation and the use of rubber cover and face mask may be required. Don’t forget the spraying or hand painting of the finished item will give a professional look.

Watch the video and learn how this technology of producing Silicon molds may be useful for your Major Design Project.

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