Making your own solar panels

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Making your own solar panels

As most people are aware solar panels are relatively expensive. I was interested in installing solar panels on my home to generate energy and to reduce costs. For about 5 years I have experimented with commercially made solar panels powering small lights for my courtyard and charging batteries for radios.

I researched the prospect of manufacturing my own panels if enough information on the manufacturing process was available.

I looked around on the internet for possible suppliers of solar panels. Most articles I found were for ready made panels.

After much research I came across a small company WWW.SOLARCELLS101.COM which sells individual wafer cells which, when soldered together form a solar panel. This company sells both brand new and broken wafer cells. Even broken cells are more then capable of generating voltage. My experimental solar panel generates 16.5 volts and charges my batteries. The wafers are sandwiched between two pieces of Perspex and sealed with silicon sealer. I then glued a plastic edging around the outside of the panel to improve sealing of the panel.The website has very good documentation in handling and soldering the wafers. If a student is planning the inclusion of a solar panel to power a project the construction of panels are well within the scope of students with even a modest workshop. David the owner of the company is more then happy to supply a large range of solar wafers and offer any advice should you have any questions.

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