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I would like to wish a very Happy Christmas to those students who are taking advantage of the Design and Technology Mentoring Programme.
I know it’s a time of holidays and Christmas, but do try and achieve vital research over the holidays. Next year you will not have the time to visit companies and obtain samples of materials and collect information.
Make inquiries early as many organisations are also on holidays and you may miss out on samples or information which will hold up the progress of your Major Design Project.
Timing is important. Make an appointment with representatives do not just turn up as staff will often be busy and unable to give you the time you seek.
It is best to firstly make contact with an organisation and give them time to find information and perhaps samples of raw materials.
Often companies are more them willing to help as it makes good business sense to promote their products.
Remember, if you need any help please email me and I will be able to give ongoing assistance with planning your project or help with the wording of your Folio.
Be patient as it is a busy time for me reading the many emails I receive and requests for help with folios. I will try to be as quick as I can.

regards and
Happy Christmas


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