New Wind Turbine

November 17th, 2009 → 9:28 pm @

This video presentation is of a commercially constructed wind generator but it is not impossible to construct your own as a Major Design Project.

A quick look around the internet reveals many DIY sites which would be useful for quality research. You would need to assess the following; what is the electrical load of the home you live in? What impact would a wind generator have on the home energy bills? What town planning requirements exist with local government to permit a wind generator to be erected on your property.

What access do you have to rare earth magnets and copper wire for windings. Ebay is  but one very good resource for such raw materials. With average tools and a very basic workshop a good quality wind generator can be constructed.

The overall cost of a project like this would not be expensive.  Often people think only of solar panels to generator energy but a well constructed wind generator can achieve considerable power  compared to the same output of solar panel wind generators are cheaper .

A word of caution. Its’ not much good constructing a wind generator if the site is not particularly windy. You need to research the weather pattern in your area to see if it is worth constructing a wind generator. If the site is suitable you would include this research in your Folio.

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