Pedestal Drill

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A very common machine in a school workshop is the Pedestal Drill. One of the advantages of using this type of drilling machine is that the hole you drill will be square to the job in two planes. It is very difficult to achieve this with a hand drill.

The Pedestal Drill is easier to use then a hand held drill, particularly if you are drilling a piece of metal where you need to exert pressure to make the drill cut.

If you are drilling an item which is long, always place the part on the left hand side of the drill. If the drill “digs in” it will hit the post of the drill rather then you. It will give you a little reaction time to get out of the way.

As a general rule your Design and Technology Projects should be placed in a machine vice and bolted to the Pedestal Drill table. Never try and hold a project while you are drilling a hole as it may have the twist drill dig in and throw it at you.

To prevent accidents to yourself, back off the feed pressure when the twist drill is about to break through the material you are drilling.

Never try and stop the Pedestal Drill quickly by holding the drill chuck to slow it down. The motors on most Pedestal Drills are several horsepower; a lot more power full then you.

As a courtesy to others, always clean down the cuttings left behind on the Pedestal  drill and leave it the way you found it.

Always remove the twist or drill bits and return them to their storage location.

All the best with your Design and Technology Project.

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