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Once a concept has been developed by a student there is a tendency to launch head-on into the project without quality planning. What do I mean by quality planning? All aspects need to be planned if you are going to produce a worth while project or innovation. While not compulsory CAD ( computer assisted drawing) has become the standard over hand drafted drawings. If you need a CAD program drop me a email and I will give you details of were you can obtain a legal copy of an easy to use software program which will run on most desktop PC’s. Timeframe planning is most important if you are going top complete your project on time. There are a variety of time management tools one can use to met deadlines. Gantt charting, Pert networking are but two proven management techniques used by business houses which will allow you to plan in detail all aspects of your project. If you research the internet there are many fine examples of both techniques.
In my Design and Technology eBook I have a chapter devoted to Gantt Charting and a worked example which explains (as you roll over your mouse) sections of the chart and how to establish the information.
Most students,and in the commercial world most project planners tend to under estimate project time by 25%. If you want to see what I mean chose a simple project , calculate a time and have some one else do the same and compare the results.
I once project managed commercial building make overs and I quickly learned that i consistently underestimated time to rebuilt sections of buildings, electrical wiring and plumbing. A comparison with industry building standards revealed the under estimation. Good luck with your Major Design Project.

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