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Editing and Proof Reading your Major Design Project Folio











Your Design and Technology Teacher should not be the person who corrects your grammar or spelling in your Folio.

Students need to have someone at home, to proof read your drafts to eliminate any possible errors or gaps in the Folio logic.

We all tend to “read”what we think we wrote, but sometimes it takes a second set of eyes to find mistakes in your document.

If you hand in your Folio with errors the Design and Technology Teacher will be forced to take off marks.

It’s far better to hand your Folio to someone to proof read the document looking for spelling or grammatical mistakes. When you are tired and rushing the work, often late at night, it is very easy to create many mistakes. At times I have found whole sections of Folios missing.

I coined this  expression  “the 5 o’clock syndrome “. It’s late in the evening, and you are pushing yourself to produce the work.

You save the work on the computer and aim to look at it the very next day.

When you open the file the next day, you can not believe what you have written!  Did I write this? Proof reading is always a  very important  job particularly when you are wanting to maximize your marks in the final examinations.

Many students in my mentoring programme often send in sections of  their folio for proof reading.

Apart from grammatical or spelling mistakes often there are gaps in logic.

For example, a completed product is shown in a photograph (contained in the Folio) which in following photographs shows a completed surface  finish, however, no comments have been added to discuss that a surface finish has been applied.

In one student’s project no mention was made in the Folio as to the type of material used to manufacture the project.

You can see how important job it is to undertake editing and proofreading of your Project.

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