Quotes for printing and binding your Major Design Folio

November 29th, 2009 → 1:19 am @

When it comes time to have your Major Design Folio printed, seek the services of a professional printing company. It is a very competitive industry, so do not accept the first quote you receive. Get at least three quotes and you will usually find a very big difference in prices quoted. Any last minute printing will always be dearer. You should plan and have your Folio finished say one week before the deadline to avoid that last minute rush.

So many things can go wrong with printing at home. For example, the printer ink runs out, or the computer fails, no paper left after another member of the family printed their university assignment.

Last year I suggested to students they should “club together” and ask printers for a better deal by seeking quotations to print say, six Folios rather then just the one. A very professional looking folio really needs good binding. Binding may also work out cheaper as a job lot.

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