Safety while manufacturing your Major Design Project

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You have dreamed up a great project for your Major Design Project, used CAD to draw it up and have a great school workshop available for manufacturing.

But being new to manufacturing there are a number of issues which relate to working safely in a workshop. Have you been shown by your teacher how to use a machine or process. Are you wearing safety glasses , apron and know where safety zones are around machinery while working on your product.

Project Management of your Major Design Project

Is there a Material Safety Data (MSD) box available in your workshop which list chemicals in use and how to treat a person for an accidents.
Students often make statements about how they worked safely only to show themselves completing their project with on thongs on their feet.
Think about every aspect in your photos you take. Make sure you do not show your face! Markers should not be able to identify you.

Only your student number should appear on your folio and product.

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