Working Safely and your Major Design Project

May 28th, 2010 → 11:52 pm @

Your folio will naturally contain many photographs of your Major Design Project as it develops. When working in either school or home workshops always make sure you have safety in mind. You need to mention how you observed safety regulations and this should be evident in any photographs you present in your folio. A student […]


Anything is possible!

February 21st, 2010 → 11:10 am @

  Anything is possible! One of the questions I regularly receive from Design and Technology Students is asking my advice on the suitability of their proposed Major Design Project. Sometimes the ideas proposed are either going to need very expensive manufacturing equipment or processes which are not available to the average Design and Technology student […]


Getting Started with Arduino

December 16th, 2009 → 3:10 pm @

From time to time students want to use a microprocessor of some type in their Major Design Project. I came across this valuable little book which offers a thorough introduction to the open-source electronics prototyping platform that’s taking the design and hobbyist world by storm. Getting Started with Arduino gives you lots of ideas for […]


New Wind Turbine

November 17th, 2009 → 9:28 pm @

This video presentation is of a commercially constructed wind generator but it is not impossible to construct your own as a Major Design Project. A quick look around the internet reveals many DIY sites which would be useful for quality research. You would need to assess the following; what is the electrical load of the […]


Power House Museum

November 15th, 2009 → 5:08 pm @

Each year the best, most innovative Major Design Projects from all over New South Wales are displayed at the Power House Museum. You really need to get along and view the collection of Major Design Projects. Have a look at the precise way in which projects were developed and how they have been recorded in […]


Students build a house

November 15th, 2009 → 5:02 pm @

These students are learning from the ground up, all about how to construct a domestic residence. Design and Technology students are able to present unique designs as a Major Design Project in their final year. The experience of being involved in a project like this provides valuable education and research for the project. If you […]