Possible projects for your MDP

One of the hardest issues facing Design and Technology Students, is working out what project to make.

Extensive research is one of the secrets to a quality Design and Technology Project

I will upload photographs of previous projects from years gone by, which may act as a catalyst for your  ideas.

Often, students have the solution to what they will produce! What are your hobbies or sport interests?

If you feel you have an  idea and want to run it passed me, please email me and I will be happy to advise you if it is worth doing as your Major Design Project.

This project is that of a Home made CNC Mill which is well within the abilities of most students to construct. I have previously manufactured a machine for home use and can advise where plans can be obtained.

Parts are easy to buy and software can be downloaded from the internet. In some cases you have to learn how to manufacture something which is part and parcel of undertaking a Major Design Project.